Law Line is a non-profit legal services law firm, established in 1996, that provides free consultation, advice and community education for low-income Vermonters. We are supported by a grant from the Legal Services Corporation in Washington, D.C. We are available to any low-income Vermonter with a civil legal problem. To find out if you qualify for free legal help, call Vermont Law Help at 1-800-889-2047.

Law Line works together with Vermont Legal Aid to create Vermont Law Help, a website that has information to help Vermonters understand their rights and solve problems; forms and directions to help them get services they need or represent themselves in court for civil (non-criminal) legal troubles; and links, contact information and directions telling them how they may be able to get help from Law Line, Vermont Legal Aid, the courts, state agencies and other organizations.

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In addition to counsel and advice, Law Line provides information, workshops, training, and referrals for low-income Vermonters. Where possible, we try to connect a client with a full-service attorney through the Vermont Volunteer Lawyers Project, the South Royalton Legal Clinic, Vermont Legal Aid or Disability Rights Vermont.

Law Line believes that people are often best helped when given the support, assistance and information they need to help themselves. In other words, people can get power in their lives by learning how to handle some legal problems on their own.

Law Line attorneys and paralegals help people represent themselves by learning the facts, explaining the law, helping with paperwork and discussing the best strategies for winning. We help people with many different legal problems including family matters, housing, health care, disability, employment and consumer law.

One phone call is often not enough, so Law Line attorneys and paralegals are available for follow-up calls and help prepare court papers and other documents for clients to use.

Law Line believes that the legal system must be open to everyone whether or not they have lawyers. We are concerned about barriers to justice such as high court fees, inaccessibility, lack of good, clear information, "legalese" and any other problems people encounter when trying to exercise their right to be heard. Law Line works with clients to narrow the gap between the promise of justice and the difficult reality of achieving it.

Each year, we set priorities. They help us decide how we will use our resources to help as many Vermonters as possible. We also set strategies and goals that enable us to measure how well we accomplish our priorities.